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Being a decentralized service, Mastodon does not provide a central directory that would hold all accounts created and therefore, there is no easy way to find if someone you are looking for is using Mastodon. Mastory aims at fixing this by providing a database of accounts created on the network. This database has been built by starting with a patient zero account, mine: @symac@mamot.fr. Starting from there, the program is finding all my relations (followers + followings), then for each of them finding their relations, etc.
Then, from time to time, the script will run again on users that continue to be active on the network in order to find new accounts.

What can be searched

Settings Username and display name Biography
Users who have logged in to set their preferences or , per user choice or , per user choice
Users with a bio containing #nobot or #noindex
Users on an instance excluding crawlers using robots.txt
All others (might change if issue#1599 gets fixed and users can set their visibility preference)

Where are the missing users ?

According to http://instances.mastodon.xyz/, there is far more accounts existing than the available list on this website. There are multiple reasons to that. The instances' list count all accounts created, even if they have not been tooting or connecting to others. At the moment, Mastory is using relationships between users to find new users. If a user is not connected to anybody, he will never be found.

Where can I find people to follow?

The well-known concurrent to Mastodon is able to suggest you accounts to follow but at the moment there is no way to do that on Mastodon. So the best way to find people to follow is :

  • Search in mastory for your favourite keywords, the bio are indexed so you might find interesting people!
  • Visit the followers and followings lists of the people you have already found
  • Use the mastodon bridge which will allow you to authenticate with your Twitter and Mastodon credentials and find other people
  • Have a look at the top 50 accounts with the more followers in the fediverse

I have an issue, who can I contact?

This tool has been created by Symac, please contact me on Mastodon or via email: symac[à]mastory.social